4 Ingredient Breakfast Muffins

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Today's post is something a little different. Lately I've been trying to find ways to save money, so instead of eating out every day at work, I thought I would try taking my own meals - Breakfast included! I leave the house between half 6 and 7 everyday for work, so breakfast is something I like to have on the train and if I didn't make these, I would most definitely just buy a bar of chocolate at 7am. That wouldn't be good for my health (or my bank balance!)

Now anyone who knows me, knows that my cooking skills are non existent. That's why, when I saw this recipe online, I decided to simplify it and what I made was actually so good. I even impressed myself! They are so quick and easy to make, perfect for when you can't be bothered to do much in the kitchen.

As I said, my cooking skills could definitely do with some work, which could be down to the fact I don't measure any ingredients. This 'recipe' makes 9 breakfast muffins and I take two with me on a morning. These easily fill me up until lunchtime and last a week in the fridge!


Butter (For greasing the baking tray)
5 Medium Eggs
5 Bacon Slices (Cooked & diced)
2 Cups Grated Cheese
100ml Milk


1. Firstly, pre-heat your oven to 200℃. 
2. Then mix all of the ingredients together, except the butter and one cup cheese which is for the top. 
3. Pour the mixture into your greased baking tray, ensuring each one is only about 3/4 full. 
4. Sprinkle the remaining one cup of cheese over the mixture. 
5. Cook for 15-20 minutes. I'd keep an eye on them after 13 minutes as they do have a tendency to burn rather quickly (one minute they're under cooked, the next they're burnt to a crisp, but that might just be me haha) 
6. Let them cool, store in an air tight container in the fridge.

These are honestly so good and so easy to make, I love them. You can also add other ingredients or swap them for something else. I usually include spinach in these aswell, but I didn't have any when I made this batch! 

I hope you enjoyed this post & feel inspired to make some easy breakfast muffins! Thanks for reading & I'll see you in the next post. 


  1. These actually look amazing, and would be ideal for me as I also leave early most mornings - except, I don't like eggs! I might have to try switching up the recipe slightly and seeing if I can adapt them to my taste.. 🙊


    1. They are so handy to just pop in my bag and take with me for early starts! I'm sure there's an alternative you can find! x

  2. These sound so good! Need to try them :) could also do a veggie version with red pepper or broccoli instead of the bacon :D x


    1. They are surprisingly good! Yes, they sound amazing, I think I'm definitely gonna have to experiment with different ingredients x

  3. This sounds absolutely amazing -- I always wish I had the time to have eggs for breakfast, and by making them portable, you've made it a lot easier! I'll have to dig out my muffin tin and try this out!


    1. They taste so good! I'm exactly the same, I never used to have breakfast because I never had the time, but now eating them on my journey is so much better x

  4. These look so good!! I'll have to give them a shot sometime.

    - Shannon | www.goingwithhappy.com

    1. They are so good & so easy to make aswell! xx

  5. These look and sound amazing! They're so easy to make too, thanks for sharing x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com


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