Liquid Lipstick Review: Anastatia Beverley Hills

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Today's post is a makeup product review. Liquid Lipsticks have been at the forefront of the lipstick market for ages now and I am very happy about that. Liquid Lipsticks are always the first lipstick I reach for when getting ready and I have managed to build up a collection of them (probably more than I need, but lets not talk about that).
Earlier this year I visited New York and of course I went shopping in Sephora. You can read about my trip here and here if you want to hear more about it. Two of the things I purchased in Sephora were the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks.

Prior to my trip I had heard a lot of great things about these and I was excited to see what the brand had to offer. It definitely didn't disappoint. They have an array of aesthetically pleasing products, which is always a winner for me and everything I tried out in the shop was beautiful. However, the things I walked away with from this concession was two liquid lipsticks, in the shades Carina and Sarafine.

I am in love with the packaging of these liquid lipsticks. They come in glass tubes and come with a sponge foot applicator. They are a nice size and not too small, which is something I have found amongst drugstore liquid lipsticks. The glass bottle also makes them feel more luxury than the price would suggest - £15 seems very reasonable to me!

 On the website Carina is described as an "Intense Watermelon" and Sarafine is a "deep blue red". Although I don't think my swatches are doing these shades justice, I can agree with both of these descriptions. Carina is a lovely bright pink shade, perfect for those summer nights, whilst Sarafine is a dark red shade. I have found this shade the perfect compliment for a black outfit, especially on a night out. They have 33 more shades available, so if one of these doesn't sound appealing to you, I'm sure there will be one out there for you.

   The consistency of these liquid lipsticks are great and the sponge foot applicator allows for easy application.  Once applied, they dry quite quickly on the lip, but they aren't too drying, which is something I don't like in a liquid lipstick. Obviously, they are a little drying as they dry matte, but it isn't uncomfortable on the lips. The pigmentation of these lipsticks is very good and the colour payoff is very true to the colour on the bottle. longevity of these liquid lipsticks is also very impressive. Even after eating or drinking the colour is still visible and it they easily last for most of the day, without smudging or wearing off.

 These lipsticks cost me $20 each, which works out at about £15. I think this is a really great price considering how good the formula and pigmentation is. They are easily similar to other luxury liquid lipsticks, with a smaller price tag!

All in all I would highly recommend these lipsticks. Once they're added to your collection they will easily become firm favourites, I know they are definitely mine! They are also one of five bestsellers on their website, which you can visit here, amongst other firm favourites such as the Modern Renaissance palette. This obviously means you need to grab one as soon as you can haha!

That's it for today's post. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which shades you have of this, as I'm always looking for others to add my collection!


  1. I love the sound of 33 different shades as there will be something for everyone! Also the colour along with the packaging is absolutely gorgeous šŸ˜šŸ˜
    Steph x

  2. I love liquid lipsticks as well, they feel like a gloss but work like a matte and it's just fab. I love the look of the safarine. I've been wanting to try anastatia for a while, and I think I may have to opt for that shade!

    Quirks and Queries

  3. I've been absolutely dying to get my hands on some of these liquid lipsticks as I've heard such good things about them! X

    Kayleigh Zara šŸŒæ

  4. The shade looks just amazing! The pigment looks so strong and bright! My kind of lipstick! I have never tried the brand but this lipstick really sounds amazing

  5. These lipsticks look gorgeous! All my liquid lipsticks are nude colours so I'd love to get some in bright colours like that!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  6. I have ways wanted to try ABH for soooooo long now.

    Becca |

  7. I need to try their lip products. The only thing I've tried have been the highlighters.


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